because time flies.

because relationships change.

because kids grow up.

because people pass away.

because memories fade.

because family is a big deal.

because pictures and stories are our legacy.

instead of reviews talking about me, i asked past clients to share the image that is the most meaningful to them and talk about the memories it brings back and how it makes them feel. 

When this picture was taken, I remember how happy I was! We had survived our first year with a child. We were tired and exhilarated - finally feeling like we had found the rhythm of parenting for our little family. This picture captures for me that I didn’t lose anything by becoming a mom...every under-eye circle, stubborn pound, and white hair gained didn’t come close to the sheer joy on my son’s face or mine. Having a close up of that joy reminds me that our journey of joy is worth it! Down to the glow of the autumn trees behind us. There is light in happiness, and we were glad to have that captured forever.
— Eliza Bast

One of my favorite images from Gio’s newborn session is of our little family standing on the front porch together. It captured the season of our lives so well, standing outside our first home, with our first pet and our brand-new first child. I made a huge print of this to hang in our entry way. We are now in our second house with a second son, same dog :), but I still have the print in our entry. It marks the start of our family, a shift that changed the trajectory of our lives. It’s like a photographic time capsule.
— Katie Kruithrof
This photo just feels like home to me. Lake Michigan has always been my favorite place. I’ve been there hundreds of times, but it never ceases to cause me to marvel at the vastness of God and the beauty of His creation. When this picture was taken, I was holding my daughter and watching my boys running around chasing the seagulls. This picture just captures their personalities, their unquenchable sense of adventure, and the love of a committed father for his children. My family brings me a much greater sense of home than any place ever will, and this is how I see them. It will forever be a favorite photo of mine.
— Elisa Gruss