Hi, my name is RYAN and I love cats.

My mission is simple: To provide meaningful photos for families that are not just staged, but are fun and make you smile years from now saying "That is SO US!"

The image you see here is exactly that. This is SO me and Duma. I'm always wanting to hug her and squeeze her and love her and she always wants to claw my face off... out of love, of course. 

Your kids are more then just a smile looking into the camera. They do stuff. Funny stuff, stuff you want to remember before they grow up and don't do anymore. Anyone can get your family in a line and take a picture of them, maybe even smiling. I do that of course but then I encourage the craziness and playing and doing what kids do best! I want to give you the best most meaningful photos you've ever gotten and I want you to have fun doing it!