I asked my husband what was most important to him when it came to family photos and to answer as a regular person, not a photographer and he replied by saying "The two of us and Duma just enjoying each other and being ourselves in our regular life". I couldn't agree more. When I think back on the things I want to remember, it's us being in places that we love just having fun together. It's not us in a place that is pretty but doesn't have any meaning with us just cheesing for the camera. 

That is why we do custom family sessions. They are so much more than photos of the people in your family, they are photos of relationships, joy and the best parts of who you all are together. We shoot in your home, your favorite beach or park, pretty much anywhere that makes you feel comfortable or holds a lot of personal meaning to you. I can assure you we always take one of everyone looking at the camera and smiling but the soul of our work is to capture the relationships you all have. 

These sessions include up to 7 people (additional people only $25 each): Couples without kids (or with pets who seem like kids, which is where Ryan and I are!), Maternity, Newborn and Parents with children all the way through adulthood.  


  • Up to a 2 Hour Session w/ Ryan & Holly

  • Shareable Online Proofing and Printing

  • High Resolution Files with Print Release

  • Up to 7 people - $25 per person thereafter.

  • 10x10 Hard Cover Album with 20 Spreads

  • 16x24 Canvas, Bamboo or Wood Print



  • 1 Hour Session w/ Ryan

  • Shareable Online Proofing and Printing

  • High Resolution Files with Print Release

  • Up to 7 people - $25 per person thereafter.




You just had a baby and the last thing I can imagine you want to do is pack up everything and head out for the day for photos. My goal is to make you and your new little one comfortable and feel right at home... which is why I do all family newborn sessions in your home. You have everything you need there and you are surrounded by things that are important in this part of your life. Someday, if you move, you'll always have photos of your children in their first nursery and around the place where you paced and rocked them to sleep countless times. It's a part of your life that has so many memories tied to it.

I care about your experience A LOT and the first week or two after having a child is very hectic and there's a lot of hormonal things happening, I take your stress level really seriously. I block off a lot more time for family newborn sessions (2-4 hours) than regular sessions because I don't want you to ever feel rushed or stressed during this time. Newborns are unpredictable and sometimes need a break, fed, changed or calmed down and I want to leave time for that. We take frequent breaks and shoot when everyone feels good. 

I shoot in a very natural style that includes the whole family instead of just the baby. The newborn stage is such a short time and it's one of the most incredible things to experience in this life which is why I focus heavily on parent interaction. There's certain angles that will bring back the best memories and those are what I try to focus on. For example, I've heard from many moms that photos of them holding their baby to their chest from their perspective are their favorites since that is a view that holds a lot of memories for them. 


I have no rescheduling fee as long as I'm given a 3 hour notice for family newborn sessions. If the baby didn't sleep well last night and you guys are completely wiped out, I highly encourage you to reschedule with me because I want you to enjoy this process...and also be awake for it. 

2-4 hour session (since babies need lots of breaks for feeding and pooping everywhere and we don't want you to feel rushed) 
Shareable Online Proofing and Printing
High Resolution Files with Printing Rights


  • Where are you located?

    • We live in the woods just north of Muskegon in Twin Lake. It's pretty much like a vacation home all year round except for when we are buried in snow.

  • Do you travel? If so, is there a fee?

    • Of Course we travel! We include Muskegon, Grand Haven, Holland and Grand Rapids all to be our local hometown. Outside of our 50 mile bubble from Twin Lake we do have a .50 per mile travel fee.

  • How many people can be included?

    • Our sessions include up to 7 people. It's only $25 per extra person after that with a max of $750 total. If you have an extreme amount of people added, we do add time at our own discretion to the session to ensure we get everyone taken care of.

  • How do payments work?

    • A non-refundable retainer of half your package price is due to book and the other half the day of your session.

  • What do we wear?

    • Wear what makes you feel good! Comfortable and confident is the best way to be. Keep in mind the goal of the session, interacting with each other and having fun. If your clothes hinder you from doing that, find ones that don't. As far as style is concerned, our best tip is to coordinate but don't exactly match.

  • When do we get our images?

    • We have a 30 day turnaround time but always try to get things done early if possible. However, we never rush the process since quality is more important!

  • My kid only wants to wear a batman costume, what do I do?

    • If it makes him happy and he's having fun, I say let him wear it. It's tough but sometimes you have to make the call of having a happy kid whose being himself or an unhappy kid in clothes you picked out who will fake smile at best in photos. Remember, Pinterest is mostly full of lies and often our idea of perfection isn't reality. These photos are memories of YOUR family and each one of the unique members in it, even if one of them is batman.


  • How to look good in photos

    • Be joyful. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Let go of whatever stress you've experienced previously during the day. Love on your spouse and/or children. Let your kids be themselves. It's really quite simple, just enjoy your family.

  • Seriously, that is my only tip because joy and happiness is all you need.